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What are the steps to take if a foreign citizen wants to live permanently in the U.S.?

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Becoming a U.S. Citizen There are many reasons why people may want to migrate to America. Employment, family, and education are among the most popular reasons. However, New Jersey Immigration Lawyers suggest that you should be expected to be strongly vetted as to your reason for wanting to become a U.S. citizen. The duty of the U.S. Immigration Dept is to protect our country, its citizens, its reputation, and to guard against terrorism. So, be prepared to encounter intense questioning and to provide thorough proof of your intentions to become a U.S. citizen. Yes, it is tedious a challenge. You will go through a process of “citizenship worthiness” before your visa application is remotely considered. First, a foreign applicant seeking to immigrate to the U.S. must first have an approved petition by and/or be sponsored by at least but not limited to: – U.S. citizen – Lawful permanent resident such as spouse living in the U.S. – Legal immediate relative such as children After their petition, you will need to wait on an approval from the U.S. Immigration Dept which will cover all aspects of all previous and reviewed activity. It will be your responsibility to keep track of all activity and contact the appropriate sources involved in your U.S. immigration efforts. Next, if you have made it this far, the National Visa Center (NVC) will contact you with the next step. You may be required to submit any additional forms in order to continue. As your advocate, the New Jersey Immigration Lawyers require you to be prepared to provide any additional documentations that will support your request to become a U.S. citizen. Don’t be shady or place yourself in a compromising position… Just promptly submit the info requested. Finally, our establishment is dedicated to helping legitimate immigrate applicants become part of the American dream. We are here to help you weave into the amazing U.S. standards of living, loving, and learning! Call Thomas & Krail LLC to get in touch with an experienced  New Jersey Immigration Lawyer today! For more information click...

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Jersey City Remains ‘Welcoming’ To Immigrants

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Jersey City has added its name to the growing list of so-called “sanctuary cities” that are promising to protect illegal immigrants from deportation. Only one week after Donald Trump was elected president, Mayor Steve Fulop told reporters that Jersey City would remain “the golden door to this country for immigrants” despite Trump’s plan to deport all criminal illegal immigrants. Current estimates show that there are around 23,000 illegal immigrants in Jersey City. That’s almost 10 percent of the total population. There’s no official definition of “sanctuary city” on the books yet, and some lawmakers are urging politicians to put their proposals onto paper. For example, Chia-Chia Wang, the advocacy director of Newark’s American Friends Service Committee, said she wants to see Mayor Fulop write down his policy on anti-deportation to help ever New Jersey immigration lawyer fight for social justice. Wang told reporters that the illegal immigrants she works with are in “despair” over a Trump presidency. She says illegal immigrants feel like they won’t have “any rights” with Trump in the White House. Jersey City officials started using the term “sanctuary city” in the 1990s. In 1996, politicians defined a “sanctuary city” as a city refused to use funds to identify and/or apprehend undocumented immigrants. However, no New Jersey immigration lawyer has officially defined the term yet. A few other cities that have declared their “sanctuary” status since Trump’s election include Los Angeles, Oakland, New York City, Newark, Chicago, New Haven, and Washington, D.C. All of these cities have Democratic mayors. It’s still unclear what will happen to these cities if they do not comply with the Trump administration’s policy of deportation. One spokeswoman for Jersey City, Jennifer Morrill, said she was interested in implementing a municipal ID program in the city. If this program develops in Jersey City, then immigrants without documents will still be able to obtain financial services. This program is already in place in Newark. Trump has pledged to deport millions of immigrants once he gets into office in January. Trump also said he simply won’t fund cities that don’t enforce his policy of deportation. There are about 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants in the USA right...

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Feds Setup ‘University of Northern New Jersey’ to Target Visa Fraud

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) announced on April 5, 2016, that the “University of Northern New Jersey” (“UNNJ”) had been a sting operation for the past 2½ years. The Department of Homeland Security setup the University of Northern New Jersey to help catch those who were providing forged work authorization forms to hundreds of students. Federal agents gave the university a plausible website, a real address, and even had the university accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Overall, there were a total of 21 people, mainly brokers, recruiters, and employers, that were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and alien harboring. While the sting operation was considered a “success” there are now over 1000 students whose immigration status remains in limbo. ICE’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (“SEVP”) has already terminated the student records of nonimmigrant students who were enrolled at UNNJ. There were also approximately 60 former UNNJ students who have transferred out that have had their records terminated as well. Many students of the now-defunct university feel they were attending school in good faith and were swindled as much as anyone. Students report meeting with university “officials”, receiving class merchandise, and were mailed letters stating that they can work in lieu of attending classes. Some of these students who purchased fake papers ended up working at Facebook and even the U.S. Military. Terminated students are encouraged to apply to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for reinstatement of their visas. However, if they decide not to apply or if their reinstatement is denied, they may be required to leave the U.S. immediately. The New Jersey Immigration Attorneys at Thomas & Krail, LLC warn foreign nationals to be wary of “pay to stay” schemes. Not only do these schemes damage the perception of legitimate student and foreign worker visa programs, they also pose a threat to national security. If you need help with your immigration case, contact the New Jersey Immigration Attorneys at Thomas & Krail Lawyers by calling (732) 333-0477...

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New Jersey Most Common Immigration Application Mistakes

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Common Mistakes to Avoid on Immigration Applications Whether you have family in the United States or are following a dream to succeed in life, there are a variety of opportunities in this great nation. Those with the drive are often able to take the steps necessary to become legal citizens, and it takes time and effort. One of the steps is to fill out the immigration application, and New Jersey immigration law can be difficult to understand. This makes it all too easy to make mistakes. There are a few common mistakes made on immigration applications to watch out for. Innocent Mistakes and Typos On the immigration application, there are times when information must be entered more than once, and this can cause confusion. Furthermore, with the extent of the complete process, it’s also very common for typos that can end up costing time and money. Wrong Forms There are so many different reasons people seek to immigrate, and these reasons require different forms to be filled out. All too often, applicants fill out the wrong form when they complete their application without legal counsel. Not Eligible Few things are more disheartening than filling out the application and paying fees only to find that you aren’t eligible to apply, but this happens often. Trust the Professionals These are just a few of the common mistakes made on immigration applications. The intricacies of New Jersey immigration law can be confusing, and, unless you have training in the legal field, it can be hard to ensure a thorough understanding of the application and all of it’s jargon. Here at Thomas & Krail LLC, we have a staff of skilled and experienced professionals who are well-versed in New Jersey immigration law. Whether you’ve already begun the application process or don’t even know where to start, call our office today for a...

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New Jersey Immigration Help

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America has oftentimes been referred to as the land of opportunity.  Although there is the allure of hope; nothing is given, and you have to work hard to earn it.  Immigrants choose the United States for a variety of reasons, such as job opportunities and better educational systems.  Many immigrants choose this country because of freedom of speech, and the freedom to practice their religion without persecution.  There are many reasons why immigration is an attractive idea, unfortunately moving from one country to another is not as simple as just packing your belongings. Immigrants must obtain legal documentation in order to reside in this country.  A visa will temporarily permit an immigrant to work or travel within the United States.  Immigrants can also obtain what is called permanent residence status, which is better known as a green card.  Attaining this documentation is not a straightforward process, especially for someone who is foreign born and does not speak English. If you, or someone close to you, is seeking immigration help, let our New Jersey immigration attorneys assist you.  The attorneys at Thomas & Krail, LLC are familiar with navigating the immigration process, and will make sure your journey to becoming a resident or citizen of the United States is as smooth as possible.  Please contact the offices of Thomas & Krail, LLC today for a courtesy...

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Freehold Immigration Help

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U.S. immigration laws and regulations can be complex and overwhelming. There are multiple ways of getting into and staying in the United States, and the rules for each path are constantly changing. Doing the paperwork on your own could seriously cut into your valuable time. Do you have an H1-B visa, but you’ve been let go from your company? You’ll need the help of a lawyer if you want to transfer your visa to non-immigrant status. Are you divorcing your spouse while you’re still waiting for your green card? An immigration attorney can help you understand what options you have for remaining in the country. Are you going out of the country for longer than a year? Hiring an immigration attorney can help you navigate the complicated SB (Returning Residents) Visa process. Getting Freehold immigration help means that you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Thomas & Krail, LLC can provide you with an attorney who will fight for you and represent your best interests. No matter what immigration problem you’re experiencing, the right attorney will be able to assist you. They can help find new ways for you to stay in the U.S. and live your life to the fullest. If you’re looking for reliable Freehold immigration assistance and your search is going nowhere, then you should contact Thomas & Krail, LLC today. Their attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist you in solving your immigration issues, so that you are able to continue living your life in your country of choice.  Call Thomas & Krail, LLC today for more...

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