Filing For Divorce in Freehold

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Filing for divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. If you are going through a divorce, then you are probably in a highly emotional and psychologically sensitive state and the last thing you want is legal complexities and stress to add to it. Filing for divorce in Freehold means that your case is subject to New Jersey divorce laws. Here are a few key points you may want to know about New Jersey divorce law:

  • The plaintiff is the spouse that is filing for divorce. The other spouse is the defendant.
  • There are two different categories of divorce for which you can file in New Jersey:
    • no-fault divorce, which means neither party is solely responsible for the disintegration of the marriage;
    • at-fault divorce, which means that one spouse was primarily responsible for the divorce.
  • Under New Jersey law there are two different grounds for no-fault divorce:
    • “Irreconcilable differences,” which means that the couple is no longer compatible;
    • a separation of longer than 18 months.
  • There are several grounds for an at-fault divorce in New Jersey:
    • adultery
    • drug addiction or habitual drunkenness
    • cruelty
    • desertion
    • being institutionalized for a mental illness
    • imprisonment
    • perverse sexual behavior

In order to determine the best course for you to take and what issues are important in your specific case, you will need competent legal advice and representation. If you are filing for divorce in Freehold, then contact Thomas & Krail, LLC today.


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