In Freehold, NJ, family law matters are heard in the Monmouth County Family Division. These matters include divorce (also known as marital dissolution), child custody, visitation and support, domestic violence (including restraining orders), juvenile delinquency, and child abuse and neglect.

Ordinarily, courts prefer when families can settle disputes without their intervention. However, in cases where disputes cannot be resolved between the parties amicably, or when the law requires that the matter be heard by a court of law, a family law judge decides these matters. One family law issue that requires court approval is divorce. Couples require a license to be married and an order of the court to dissolve the marriage and return the parties to the status of single persons.

Divorces, like other family law matters, can be simple or complex depending on the facts of the case. Some factors that add to the complexity of a divorce include the length of the marriage, whether or not there are children, the extent of property ownership and retirement accounts, and the existence of a family business.

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