Immigration law is tremendously complex and is often too complicated for those currently experiencing an immigration issue. Even seemingly small details, such as paperwork omissions or errors, can delay processes for several months. It can be a nightmare for those with a dwindling time frame.

Securing the help of a trusted immigration attorney can help smooth out the process and ensure timely results. For example, immigration attorneys are well aware of how immigration paperwork should be completed and what documents should accompany it. Correctly completed and submitted papers can help you avoid unnecessary delays in your immigration process.

An immigration attorney can also handle problems concerning persons labeled “inadmissible for entry” by Customs and Immigration Services. There are at least a dozen grounds for inadmissibility, but most of them can be waived by filling out and submitting the proper petition. A skilled Freehold immigration attorney will be able to file that petition on your behalf.

Thomas & Krail, LLC in Freehold, New Jersey maintains a multilingual staff of attorneys to help immigrants and their families obtain and retain temporary and permanent residency in the United States. The attorneys at Thomas & Krail, LLC understand the consequences of being returned to your home country and will help you take each of the steps necessary to protect your status in the United States.