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America has oftentimes been referred to as the land of opportunity.  Although there is the allure of hope; nothing is given, and you have to work hard to earn it.  Immigrants choose the United States for a variety of reasons, such as job opportunities and better educational systems.  Many immigrants choose this country because of freedom of speech, and the freedom to practice their religion without persecution.  There are many reasons why immigration is an attractive idea, unfortunately moving from one country to another is not as simple as just packing your belongings.

Immigrants must obtain legal documentation in order to reside in this country.  A visa will temporarily permit an immigrant to work or travel within the United States.  Immigrants can also obtain what is called permanent residence status, which is better known as a green card.  Attaining this documentation is not a straightforward process, especially for someone who is foreign born and does not speak English.

If you, or someone close to you, is seeking immigration help, let our New Jersey immigration attorneys assist you.  The attorneys at Thomas & Krail, LLC are familiar with navigating the immigration process, and will make sure your journey to becoming a resident or citizen of the United States is as smooth as possible.  Please contact the offices of Thomas & Krail, LLC today for a courtesy consultation.

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