Real estate transactions usually involve complex legal jargon and fine print contracts. Sellers and buyers often become overwhelmed by the extensive paperwork and may easily miss important details. Some sellers and buyers become so excited about the transaction that they ignore important details and suffer consequences down the road. An experienced New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer can provide legal advice in a real estate transaction and ensure that your interests are protected. An attorney will be able to assist with negotiations and working with brokers, inspectors, title insurance companies, and bankers.

In New Jersey, buyers and sellers are allowed an attorney review period of three business days from the date the last buyer or seller signs. This allows buyers and sellers to have an attorney review the transaction and documents for errors or potential issues. Anyone involved in a real estate transaction should take advantage of the opportunity for attorney review. Doing so could prevent expensive issues from arising later.

A New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer can also provide advice and representation during the negotiation phase. Many real estate transactions involve representations about the property or promises from one of the parties. An attorney can make these representations legally binding and hold parties to their word.

An experienced real estate attorney will be able to assist with many aspects of a real estate transaction, including title insurance, scheduling closings, drafting contracts, negotiating with agents and brokers, and valuation. An attorney will look out for your best interest and make sure you do not blindly enter into a transaction without the necessary information and warranties.

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