One of the most important phrases a person can say is, “I do.”  The moment these words are uttered marks a joyous union between two people.  As joyous and life enhancing marriage can be, it also takes quite a bit of hard work to preserve this bond.  Unfortunately marriages do not always work for a variety of reasons.  Divorce can be an extremely stressful time for separated mates, but it doesn’t need to become impossible.

The average divorce case takes approximately 10 months.  It is extremely important that you do diligent research on an attorney before you seek out their services.  The attorney you are considering should have experience in divorce proceedings in your area.  Your attorney should be able to anticipate the judge’s reaction to your case.  One of the most important criteria for choosing a lawyer is how comfortable they make you feel.  Even if a lawyer meets all of your criteria and expectations with regard to skill and experience, it is still very important that you feel at ease with them.

You want to invest your time and effort with an attorney whom you know cares and is trustworthy.  Our experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys will not only represent you, but are also empathetic to your personal needs and situation.  Let our team of qualified attorneys handle your case by contacting the law offices of Thomas & Krail, LLC today.