With many years of experience in family law, Thomas & Krail, LLC have represented hundreds of New Jersey residents facing difficult family law issues.

Their thorough knowledge of family law, extensive backgrounds in both healthcare and personal injury, and years of practical litigation experience bring a level of legal expertise to Freehold, New Jersey that is simply unmatched by other New Jersey family law attorneys.

Founded on the core principles of Communication, Advocacy, and Collaboration, clients can always expect a compassionate, solution-oriented approach from Thomas & Krail, LLC.


At Thomas & Krail, LLC, communication is key. We diligently take the time to communicate and ask the right questions, as well as listening attentively to our clients responses.  We do not shy away from giving our legal expertise when needed.

After all, we cannot provide the most effective solution for your family law issue if we are not fully aware of all of the unique details and circumstances.


Juggling your personal life, your children, and workload is overwhelming as it is. In your time of need, you shouldn’t have to juggle the aspects of your divorce or other family law proceedings too. Allow a skilled New Jersey family law attorney to handle it for you.

At Thomas & Krail, LLC, this is what we strive to do. Our attorneys are ready to listen to your unique case, review and research the details, and then create an aggressive plan of action to achieve your specific legal goals.

Whether it be representing you in child custody proceedings or assisting you during negotiations with your former spouse, our New Jersey family law attorneys are ready and able to fight for you.


Delivering excellent client service plays a huge factor in the success of our cases. We believe in actively partnering with our clients to not only understand their unique situations and provide comprehensive solutions but to also educate them about the legal process and why we choose to implement particular plans of action in their case.

Providing this type of transparency is often looked down upon or avoided in the legal industry due to selfish wants and needs. However, we’ve found that a client cannot and will not fully diverge important details if they do not fully trust their New Jersey family law attorney.

Thus, Thomas & Krail, LLC stands firmly behind our policies and can proudly report numerous, life-long relationships were fostered due to our transparency and collaboration approach to family law.