The majority of drivers, at some point in time, will receive a traffic violation ticket. It could range from speeding, a stop sign violation, an accident that was your fault, or even drunk driving.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty of that offense, your driver’s license could indefinitely suffer. Your driver’s license is important for a number of reasons, and the attorneys at Thomas and Krail Lawyers are dedicated to helping you maintain or restore its proper status.

Police make errors and create false impressions in their minds just like everybody else. If you were wrongly accused, believe the violation to be exaggerated, or have any other concerns regarding the traffic infraction; you shouldn’t have to just relent and accept the consequences to your license.

You have the right to challenge the allegation and the police officer who gave you the charge. Our traffic violation lawyers are ready to help. They will review your case and provide an in-depth legal analysis of the situation. This includes obtaining your driving history and collecting any other information that may be missing from your personal account.

From there, our New Jersey motor vehicle violation lawyers will piece together a sound legal defense on your behalf and advise you on your next steps going forward.

Fighting the violation without professional legal guidance or representation is not recommended. No matter how strong your defense, the odds will not be in your favor. It will be your word against an experienced prosecutor and police officer’s testament.

If you’re charged with a New Jersey motor vehicle violation, don’t hesitate to contact a New Jersey traffic attorney at Thomas and Krail immediately. Your driver’s license and driving privileges are too valuable to jeopardize.