Whether we’ve done it accidentally or intentionally, we’ve all been guilty of speeding. Most of us have received tickets for it too. If you plead guilty to a speeding ticket or are found guilty, other issues arise.

First, you’re required to pay fines and costs. Then violation points are added to your license. These points, though seemingly harmless, could result in a variety of serious consequences.

For example, certain point levels result in higher insurance rates, fees and surcharges, or in  some cases – indefinite license suspension. In fact, New Jersey law states that if you receive 12 or more points within a year, you are subject to receiving a suspension.

Why even let things go that far? A New Jersey speeding ticket attorney handles these matters every day. There are many defenses to speeding, and if there’s a defense to your ticket, Thomas & Krail will find it.

Our attorneys will listen to your account and provide you with an in-depth legal analysis of the the situation. This will ensure you understand the violation, the New Jersey laws surrounding the violation, and the consequences of accepting guilt.

Our attorneys will then discuss your potential options going forward and assist you in making a decision that will yield the best possible results. If this path leads you to court, a talented New Jersey speeding ticket attorney from our firm will properly represent you in court and fight for the dismissal of your speeding violation.

Remember, allegations are just allegations until you are proven guilty.  Law enforcement officers and speed cameras have been known to make mistakes.

As a New Jersey citizen, you have the right to challenge any speeding violations you are accused of and it would do you a world of good to do so. Your ability to drive and license could depend on it.

Contact the speeding ticket attorneys at Thomas & Krail Lawyers today and experience the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve enlisted an expert team of moving violation attorneys to fight for you.