Receiving a citation for a traffic violation in New Jersey is something that a driver should take seriously. Traffic tickets can affect a person’s life in more than one way. First, a driver who pleads guilty to a traffic violation is subject to paying the appropriate fine. Traffic tickets can be as low as $30, or they can triple that number, depending the severity of your infraction.

Secondly, some traffic tickets come with driver license points attached to them. Driver’s license points stay on a person’s license for several years, and they can interfere with automobile rentals and insurance. A New Jersey traffic violation lawyer can help a driver who has been accused of violating the traffic laws.

New Jersey Traffic Violations

A wealth of traffic violations exist, and each violation has a point and fee assignment. For example, an improper passing violation could leave a New Jersey driver with four points on his or her license. Reckless driving yields a five-point penalty.

A speeding violation can have a two to five-point penalty depending on how fast the driver was going over the speed limit.

The highest traffic violation is leaving the scene of an accident. If the accident does not cause a personal injury, the offending party will only receive two points.

However, an eight-point assignment would go to a driver who caused a personal injury. Insurance companies can drop drivers who have high violation points.

Getting Help From a New Jersey Traffic Violation Lawyer

Every traffic violation comes with a court date. A driver has the option to pay the fine and plead guilty or fight the charge and appear in court.

The attorneys at Thomas & Krail are very familiar with New Jersey traffic violation laws and are dedicated to protecting New Jersey drivers from penalties through legal representation.

If you have recently received a traffic violation and feel it should be contested, contact an experienced New Jersey traffic violation lawyer from Thomas & Krail today.