When it comes to real estate affairs, many people assemble a team of professionals to assist them throughout their various real estate transactions. This usually includes a financial advisor, lender, broker, and/or real estate agent.

Though this group may seem adequate, it is highly recommended to also add a New Jersey real estate attorney to your team of trusted real estate professionals.

This will help not only increase the likelihood of obtaining a favorable agreement but will also ensure your transaction is in legal compliance with all current New Jersey real estate laws and statutes.

The Role Of A Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney is specifically trained to assist consumers with real estate legal issues. Their main objective is to ensure you are legally protected through every transaction and that you understand the proceedings.

After all, certain New Jersey real estate laws and legalese are very difficult to discern and their proceedings can be complex.

Having a qualified real estate attorney by your side can smooth out the entire process and guarantee you an optimal real estate agreement.

Areas A Real Estate Attorney Can Help

Unlike other states, New Jersey does not require the presence of an attorney during certain real estate transactions such as a home closing or a short sale.

Nonetheless, having a New Jersey real estate attorney present or even on hand for guidance during these types of transactions, is recommended due to their associated complexities.

Permanently obligating yourself to a real estate agreement that you don’t fully understand is never an ideal situation.

Seeking out guidance from a trusted real estate attorney can help you avoid this. They will properly brief you on the proceedings that will take place, explain documents and contracts, and advise you on the best steps to take going forward.

Examples of areas in which a real estate attorney can help include:

  • Home Closings
  • Short Sales
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Title Examination
  • Leasing
  • Contract Review, Creation or Negotiation
  • Tenant/Landlord Disputes
  • Foreclosures

Choose Thomas & Krail Lawyers

As a buyer or seller, you deserve a smooth, fluid real estate transaction that meets both your expectations and needs. Real estate transactions are often a huge undertaking for anyone and making the wrong decision could result in detrimental consequences.

Guidance from an experienced New Jersey real estate attorney at Thomas & Krail Lawyers can help eliminate that worry and fear. Skilled in the various aspects of real estate proceedings and well-versed in New Jersey law, Thomas & Krail Lawyers are dedicated to providing you absolute confidence when engaging in any type of real estate transaction.

If you are contemplating buying, selling, or renting a home in Freehold, New Jersey, contact the offices of Thomas & Krail Lawyers and schedule a consultation with a real estate attorney with your best interest in mind.